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HFI’s goal is to help you, a Medicaid health plan member, get the SSI/SSDI benefits for which you or your loved ones are eligible. We strive to make this process as easy as possible for you. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Member Advocates will guide you through every step of the enrollment process starting by understanding your medical situation. If you have a strong case, we will take the application over the phone, work with Social Security on your behalf, and help you fill out any additional paperwork. We’ll even remind you about your appointments with Social Security if you need them. We are always just a phone call away 1-866-627-7434.


Information needed to complete the adult application

1.  When Did You First Become Disabled?

2. Doctor Information

  • Name
  • Location
  • Medications Prescribed
  • Purpose of Medication
  • Lab/Tests Ordered or Run

3. Hospitalizations

  • Hospital Name
  • Recent ER Visits
  • Recent Inpatient Admissions
  • Medications Prescribed
  • Symptoms/Conditions Treated

4.  Work History for the Last 15 Years

  • Job Title
  • Name of Company
  • Start and End Dates (Month and Year Only)
  • Rate of Pay (Hourly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, etc.)
  • Hours Worked

5.  How Do Your Conditions Limit Your Ability To Work?

6. Marital Status

FAQ Healthcare Financial Disability Benefits
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